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The history of Shoujirou

Jun. 3, 1940
I was born in the Tokyo downtown area as shears craftsman, the eldest son of first Shoujirou.
I heard that grandfather first generation Chotaro named the name of Yoichiro.
April, 1956
I entered in Tokyo Metropolitan industrial arts Senior High School metal process.
I learned carve metal casting, grid, the training such as machines and practical skills such as a design, draftingfor for school days.
April, 1959
I became a disciple to father Shoujirou.
I moved to Narita-shi, Chiba of mother's home town.
April, 1989
I inherited a company from Shoujirou who is father, at the same time, I changed a corporation name.
April, 1990
Placed in "the Chiba tuushin" of the association of Chiba bulletin publication.
July, 1990
Introduced by an inherited traditional technical column of "new life Chiba" of the association of Chiba bulletin publication.
Authorized by Chiba designation "tradition industrial art object".
May, 1992
Introduced by a "Syugeino tatujin" in search of limited product at magazine"Sarai(shogakukan)".
Jan. 7, 1994
Live broadcast of "kodawarino ippin" starts in nihon-TV of the "zooming in asa".
It becomes broadcast first.
September, 1995
Introduced by column "ningen-tanbou-ikiru" of the community Narita September issue of the Narita-shi publication.
October, 1996
Introduced by column of NHK today's dish "otokono-syokusai" first page "syokuwo kazaru"
1997 New Year holidays
Introduced by railway document column of JR higa-shinihon kikaku magazine"Trang veil" (News letter of Shinkansen).
February, 2000
Introduced by the Japanese knife magazine column of "The knife magazine".
Documentary film based on the Japan Science and Technology Corporation trust
"takumi-noibukiw-wo tutqeru" Technical tradition without dying out.
6th generation Shoujirou,
Instruct a manufacturing technology in Japan at Kamagaya, Chiba west Senior High School 3 student
Placed in Tokyo Shimbun as 6th generation Shojiro Ishizuka for "Shoujirou hamono kougei"

About Shoujirou

Shoujirou is real name of my (fifth generation original
Jiro = Yoichiro) fatherFather is born as the second son
of first Chotaro who was shears total fire polishing expert,
When became scissors-smith craftsman independently
from the home registered a trademark of the name of
"Shoujirou" in the Patent Office and assumed it a
brand name and a company name
ラシャ切り鋏総火造り名人 長太郎 ラシャ切り鋏総火造り名人 正次郎
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