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Privacy policy

1. Collection of personal information

When our homepage is used, the offer of the following services requires a customer,may ask about the personal information of the customer.
In addition, in an order or the inquiry of the product, we take necessary measures to followa privacy policy as far as it is rational.
We use SSL (the security capability that encrypts information, and communicates) for the page where the customer order for product or personal information is input into.

2. The use of the personal information

We use personal information within the use purpose mentioned above.
We do not use the offered information in other purposes to provide our service.
But, in the case of next, it is not the limit.
When, for a service offer, we need to disclose the personal information of the customer for a subcontractor, an offer company as far as it is necessary.(e.g.,: the ordering duties trust to outside supplier, the inquiry to the credit card company)
When we changed it to the form that we cannot identify without being able to distinguish a customer individualto make statistical data.
When an offer of the information is demanded by laws and ordinances.

3. Disclosure, correction, deletion of the personal information

We try to manage the personal information in the correct and latest state.
In addition, disclosure, a correction, the deletion of the personal information of the person saving it discloses it based on a predetermined procedure immediately.
As a result, by any chance, we do a correction or deletion immediately if error in personal information.
We install a window of an inquiry and the complaint consultation of inquiry, the correction about the personal information.

4. Organization, the system of the personal information protection

We appoint a personal information manager to work by personal information protection as all companies,
we carry out appropriate management of the personal information.
In addition, for an employee, carry out protection of the personal information and education, the training about the appropriate management method and we carry out the appropriate handling of the personal information in the normal business routine thoroughly.

5. Continuation improvement such as privacy policies

We observe laws and ordinances for personal information protection concerned and other models.
In addition, we review a rule about the protection of a personal information policy and the personal information continuously and improve a privacy policy and management.

6. Others

The link to other homepages may be included in our homepage, but we are not things taking responsibility about a standard and the contents of the privacy policy on the linked homepage.
The use of our homepage shall be carried out in the responsibility of the customer.
About every damage that occurred because of the use of acquired various information from our homepage and other homepages where a link is set in our homepage, we do not take responsibility for all.

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